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Transfer old iPhone data to new iPhone:-Hello, my dear friends today I’ll show you how to transfer all the data from an old iPhone to a new iPhone. On the left is a new iPhone XR and on the right is my current iPhone 7. However, what I’m telling you in this post will work with any iPhone.

How to Transfer Old iPhone data to new iPhone?

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But you’ll need a Mac or PC with the latest iTunes software installed. First, plug the old iPhone into the computer using the USB plug. When iTunes loads up, there’ll be a small phone icon that’ll pop up so just click on that. And on the next screen, it shows me information about my Phone.

And it’s here where I’ll be able to back up my phone by clicking the Back Up Now button. In this menu, if you choose to encrypt your backup all your passwords should be saved when you restore the phone. Yet, on the off chance that you pick no encryption, at that point you’ll need to sign in to all your applications that require usernames and passwords.

But I decided that I’m not going to encrypt this time. When I click on Don’t Encrypt iTunes will immediately start backing up the phone. The time it takes depends on how much data is on your phones such as photos and apps. When it’s done eject the old phone and then plug in the new iPhone. Here tap on Trust computer and enter the passcode if the phone has one. Because this iPhone has never been backed up on this computer the new iPhone screen will show up.

Here there’s an option to set the phone up to factory settings or I can choose from a previous backup file. I’ll definitely want to choose the latest backup but here I ran into a problem which is probably good to show you. So when I click on Continue, an error comes up that says I can’t restore the backup file to my new phone. The reason is that the two phones I have are on different versions of iOS.

The old iPhone 7 is running 12.2 and my new iPhone XR is on 12.1. So now I have to choose to set my XR up as a new iPhone first. Click Continue and iTunes will show the information page for the XR. I’m going to click on Update to get my iPhone XR onto iOS 12.2. Now agree to all the legal stuff and then enter the passcode on the phone if it has one.

Updating iOS could take a while because it needs to download the file to the computer first before installing. But this should be all one step. When the update is done I can confirm that my iPhone XR is now on iOS 12.2 and ready for restoring. Click on Restore Backup and choose the latest backup file. Now click on the Restore button. Again this process could take quite a while depending on how big the backup file is.

Transfer old iPhone data to new iPhone
Transfer old iPhone data to new iPhone

I’m speeding up this video for demonstration purposes but my iPhone took about 10 minutes to restore. During this process, the screen will show the Restore Process. When the restoration process is done just follow the instructions on the phone. There’ll be some more processing that needs to be done before it’s complete.

Again this will take some time but when the backup has been fully restored to the iPhone there’ll be a confirmation on the screen. At this point, the phone is going to have to finish downloading all the apps that were installed on the old phone. Notwithstanding reinstalling applications, the iPhone will reestablish all the photographs from the reinforcement. The thumbnails will just take a bit of time to repopulate. So here we just have to be patient until it’s finished.

And when it’s done my iPhone XR will have all the files from my old iPhone 7 on it. Furthermore, recollect when I decided not to scramble my reinforcement? All things considered, incidentally, a portion of the applications held my login data however not every one of them. What’s more, after the reclamation, I can begin utilizing my new iPhone XR with the entirety of my stuff on it.

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