The Best Soundbar Under 5000 in India 2020

BEST SOUNDBAR UNDER 5000:-If you want to buy a Soundbar without a Subwoofer, then you get only limited options. Also, these Soundbars give you average quality because there is no Subwoofer in them.


But after listening to the Soundbar that I have, your point of view will change completely. Hello friends, welcome to my channel VM one. My name is Vineet and today I will unbox and review FitSpark Solo S8 Soundbar. Friends I have not purchased this review unit, in fact, it has been sent to me for review.

Now let’s begin our unboxing and I will also show its sound testing. I will also compare it with 2 other Soundbars.Solo S8 comes packed in this kind of box and there is a logo of High-Resolution Wireless Audio over it. This Soundbar accompanies a 1-year guarantee and controller.

All the specs are written on the backside of the box and I will tell you about them later in this video. On the Front side of Solo S8, there is the logo of FitSpark branding and metal grill with the piano black finish on the side, which indeed makes it look Premium.

On the side, there are physical buttons of Power On/Off, Volume up and down, and Bluetooth pairing along with a 3.5mm Headphone Jack. On the back of the Soundbar, there are HDMI ARC, USB, and Optical input for the connectivity options.

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Apart from Soundbar, there is a remote control, 1 Optical Cable, 1 AUX cable, screws for wall mounting, and a manual in the box. Sadly, there are no batteries for the remote control. It is a completely useful controller with a wide range of controls. Alongside volume, bass and high pitch can likewise be expanded or diminished.

There are music, movie, TV, and default audio modes as well. Friends, after unboxing, now let’s do the testing and comparison of FitSpark Solo S8. But with which Soundbar should we compare it? Let’s compare it with Mulo Arena 5000, which is the best selling soundbar under 5000 INR. But there is one difference; Mulo Arena comes with an external Subwoofer whereas Solo S8 has an in-built Subwoofer.

Let’s see the performance of Solo S8. Solo S8 Soundbar comes with 2 speakers and 1 built-in Subwoofer and the output of all drivers is 60W each which makes the total output 180W.

The SNR is 72dB and it comes with 3-inch and 4 Ohms full-range Speakers and with a built-in Subwoofer driver. This Soundbar is 32-inch wide and it weighs 1.8Kg. Mulo Arena comes with 2 Speakers and 1 external Subwoofer. The total output of the Soundbar is 45W.

Best Soundbar Under 5000 in India 2020
Best Soundbar Under 5000 in India 2020

Since there are only Bluetooth, USB, and AUX connectivity options; that is why we will compare it with Solo S8 Soundbar on the basis of its Bluetooth connectivity. The FitSpark Solo S8 Soundbar was awesome, but it lacked a punchy bass because it comes with an in-built Subwoofer and not an external one.

Though, I was astonished after seeing the high notes of this Soundbar. I haven’t seen such good high notes in any Soundbar of this range. On the other hand, Mulo Arena gives adjusted sound and its low notes are incredible.

It has a punchy bass since it accompanies an outside Subwoofer. Now let’s play the FitSpark Solo S8 Soundbar along with the TV and check its audio quality with the TV. If you are wondering what this is, then let me tell you; when I told FitSpark that I didn’t know anything about their brand and Solo S8, they sent me this for the comparison.

First, let’s open this to find out what is inside it. This Soundbar is not bound for any introduction as this is the best seller soundbar under 5,000 INR. If FitSpark has sent me this Soundbar for comparison, then definitely there must be something interesting.

This soundbar comes with 2 speakers, 2 tweeters, 4 Passive radiators, and its total output is 28W. Since the connectivity options of the MI soundbar are Bluetooth, USB, and AUX; we will connect it using an optical wire. I’ll show you a good music comparison for high and low notes.

Let’s listen to one of my videos and see; how do VMone sounds in this Soundbar. Friends I have tested 3 Soundbars in this video. Now it’s time for my verdict regarding the 3 of them. You must buy Mulo Arena when you want to buy a Soundbar with external subwoofers, balanced audio, punchy bass, and when your budget is under 5,000INR.

Xiaomi’s MI Soundbar was released in 2019, and since then many soundbars have been released with better audio quality and better connectivity options. Furthermore, the greatest disadvantage is that Xiaomi doesn’t give a controller with its MI soundbar.

In order to change the audio, you will have to go to the soundbar, which is a deal-breaker for me. For absolute balanced audio but not punchy bass, you must buy the FitSpark Solo S8 soundbar. FitSpark Solo S8 Soundbar has an in-built subwoofer and this is why it is not punchy.

For someone who is a binge-watcher, this soundbar is just perfect because it has brilliant mids; which I haven’t yet seen even in the Soundbars with double its cost. Each and every dialogue can be heard clearly. Friends, a brand has sent me 2 premium speakers, which I am currently testing. Well, They don’t know what VMone style actually is.

I’ll show you a teaser of those speakers and then I’ll show you it’s a comparison as well; in VMone style. Friends the current price of FitSpark Solo S8 Soundbar is 6,000 INR and in the upcoming Amazon sales, it will be available for 5,000 INR. If you are interested in this Soundbar, then you must buy it in the upcoming sale.

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