The AirAux AA-UM7 Review!

AirAux UM7 AirAux’s newest rubber-free earphone has just arrived in the studio And today we are going to open this box together because I want to know if we have a good cost-benefit ratio For this, we are going to do some tests like an audio quality test, microphone test … and also a delay test because I want to know whether or not we have an audio delay on these earphones.

The AirAux UM7 is already out of the box and let’s start talking about the design because we have a very elegant design.

I liked it! We have a matte finish here, as you can see The logo is on the front Top we have a red line and the lid is transparent I like it! It is very interesting … and here we have a finish that is better for longevity because it is not so prone to scratches and fingerprints. So I liked the AirAux choices for design, okay? And here on the back, we have notification LEDs so that you know effectively when to charge the battery of these earphones.

The AirAux AA-UM7 Full Review & Test

The AirAux AA-UM7 Review!
The AirAux AA-UM7 Review!

So I was also happy with this choice … and we have a USB Type-C charging there, which is faster charging, but who will really benefit from this charging is who has a smart charger Let’s open it to see how the earphones are, right? We have an earphone with a slightly bigger body than we are used to so it’s a little bigger earphone, right? we have a really bigger body It’s a beautiful earphone, I liked the interesting design …

We have the logo there too, on the body But this body, despite being bigger doesn’t reflect autonomy, ok guys? because we have an autonomy of 4 hours of continuous music reproduction, at the average volume.

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So it’s a shame, right? We could have better autonomy we’ve seen better autonomy here on the channel, but … that’s all there is today! And, in addition, we have Ipx5 protection for water resistance, which is very good, right? Because you are protected, even, for stronger jets of water so you can even bathe with these earphones because you have a little more advanced protection for this but I do not recommend that you wash the earphones, because it’s a much more directed jet It is dangerous to mess up the earphones For this would have to be IPX6 protection or even more advanced.

So, I liked it! We have an earphone with a very cool design, very elegant … I was very satisfied! But now we’re going to test it because it’s no use just being beautiful, we want to know if it’s a good, quality earphone with quality audio, with a microphone that’s really worth it, that makes us have a good conversation during the calls and we will also evaluate the delay because we have to know if we have a good gaming experience.

So, let’s go! Let’s start our tests! I already connected with the UM7, it was very easy! I just had to open the charging base and it already identified the earphones in the Bluetooth list And then I just needed to confirm the connection and connected, as you can see … 100% battery! So now we are going to start our tests with the fixation test.

I’m going to shake my head a little to see if the earphones don’t fall out of my ear Oops! It is still fixed here in my ear, I do not know that my vertebra has not moved, but the earphone is fixed So I was satisfied! And now we can test the sound quality because I want to know if we have advanced sound quality on the AirAux UM7 Let´s test our sound quality on the AirAux UM7 I already chose a song on Spotify Let´s do it… Play!

Okay, we have mid, we have trebled, we also have bass here But … but I’m going to test some other musical styles, okay? so I can bring you more complete feedback.

So, I’ll be right back! Alright, guys! I paused here for us to talk a little about this sound quality and after listening to different musical styles, what could I conclude? I was able to conclude that we have a good stereo effect so we can hear well-defined tones, both mid, treble, and bass, they are present but none of them stands out above the other.

So we have a much more equalized sound quality, much more neutral is the Flat sound, as people call it Because of that, we don’t have that bass explosion, we don’t have that predominant sound that invades your ears and the environment because we don’t have an earphone that is so … the word isn’t fixed … It’s an earphone that isn’t so tight, it doesn’t shape it doesn’t isolate so well.

So, in fact, if we move it a little bit higher we can have a little more bass wins a little bass, ok guys? but it’s not really a full-bodied sound, it’s more like an equalized sound, a neutral sound, a flat sound Many people like this sound quality, right?

But who really likes a quality with more bass more prominent bass, with a much higher volume level will not be very satisfied with this earphone because it really is a little more neutral, a little more equalized So that’s it, okay? We have a sound quality with well-defined tones, but it is not so full-bodied, it is not so explosive It really does not invade the environment!

Gaming Experience With The AirAux AA-UM7

Now let’s do our delay test because I want to know if we have an audio delay on these earphones or not I’m already in a Call Of Duty game, as you can see here on my screen and now we’re going to walk a little bit through the stage and will take some shots to see if we have this delay, okay? So, let’s go! I’m going to shoot … one more … sequence … Yeah, we have a little bit of delay here, okay? It’s a very subtle delay.

AirAux AA-UM7 Gaming Review!
AirAux AA-UM7 Gaming Review!

I was even happy because we have an entry-level smartphone, which is the Galaxy A01. So I expected there would be a lot more delay, but no, okay? We have a very subtle delay Probably, if you test this earphone … if you have a more advanced intermediate smartphone such as a Poco X3, a Galaxy A71, or M51 you will not have a delay, ok guys? I dare say that! So I was happy that we don’t have a considerable delay on the AirAux UM7.

And now for our microphone test, because I want to know if we have a good conversation quality on the AirAux UM7. I am already connected to my computer, it is already capturing the audio from that microphone.

So … Now you are listening to the audio from the AirAux UM7 microphone and what do you have to evaluate to see if we have a good microphone? You have to evaluate if we have a good volume level if it is not too low or too muffled and we have to assess whether we don’t have a lot of noise,

a lot of hissing because these are the characteristics that make our voice audible or not in a call And now you are listening to my professional microphone in the studio Don’t be comparing with each other because the professional microphone will always be better Right, guys!

Let’s close this video So, just resuming with you … We talked a little bit about design and I liked it! It’s a very elegant design, a design that really pleases most people and the earphone is very light! I forgot to mention this throughout the video … We also talk about sound quality, okay?

So, as I said before, we have a stereo effect here, all the tones are well defined but none of them stands out! We have a slightly more flat quality, a little more neutral, a little more equalized and it pleases many people, but it is not for everyone because many people want a depth effect, they want a bass explosion but it is not the proposal of this earphone, ok?

So be aware of that! We also tested the delay and I was happy because, despite having a very subtle delay, it was really a surprise, because we were testing it on a basic smartphone, okay? generally, these smartphones have a much more considerable delay, but the UM7 did not show So, probably, in an advanced and top-of-the-line intermediate smartphone it will not present any delay So I was satisfied!

And lastly, we tested the microphone and I was a little disappointed…it is not the best microphone on the market, okay? It’s a little stuffy, it’s low So I don’t recommend you for video lessons, videoconferences because we do have earphones on the market with the same price that has much better microphones, much more suitable for videoconferencing I hope you enjoyed this article! Leave in the comments what you thought and if you have more questions, then let me know in the comment section.


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