Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Full Review With Price

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Full Review With Price:-We also have a live benchmark run on the S21+ itself which is then compared to the iPhone 12 Pro, we also have official images of all the S21lineup, official spec list, official cases,

Information about charger and headphones in the box of the S21, Exynos is back.

Samsung Galaxy S21+

First up, Random Stuff 2 has uploaded his review video of the Galaxy S21+. Yeah, a full-fledged review almost a month before the official launch of the Galaxy S21 series. S21 leaks are getting pretty crazy at this point,

I mean they are even putting the Google Pixels to shame in this department. Anyway as you know,

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he has the S21+ for a few weeks already and uploaded a few videos in the past few days but today he talks about his experience with the device so far.

This is a pre-production variant of the S21+that shows the 6.7″ flat AMOLED panel with crazy thin bezels. A triple camera array with 12MP, 64MP, and12MP configuration.

He shows the wrap around camera as well as the camera bump which is narrower than the S20 Plus because Samsung is using new camera technology.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Full Review With Price

He also shows the new ultrasonic fingerprint scanner and it does look like the scanner is noticeably quicker this time compared to the past iterations.

We heard a few days ago that Samsung has improved the area of the scanner as well as the speed so that just a tap would unlock the handset.

He also shared some camera samples as well as the video sample by comparing it with the iPhone 12 Pro Max and as you can see the photos from the S21+ look better with good dynamic range.

Also, you can see the video quality from both of these phones.

These videos are heavily compressed, it seems random Stuff 2 didn’t export these videos at their full quality.

Also remember it’s pre-production variants the final retail versions will have an improved camera. He also did an Antutu benchmark test on both of these devices.

You need to remember that Antutu scores ofiOS are not comparable to Android versions because it doesn’t support cross-platform comparison. So iPhone 12 Pro Max getting fewer scores doesn’t mean it’s an inferior product.

With that being said, we also have the official marketing images of all the S21 lineup in all the colors.

Just look at the S21 Ultra in silver, it kinda looks like the Aura glow variant, the camera module,

As well as the camera rings, are huge. Just earlier this year we were saying how big the S20 Ultra’s camera module is but the S21 Ultra puts it to shame and even the Note20 Ultra.

Even though it’s a little trypophobic in nature especially in this color but it does look better than the S20 Ulta.

Here is the official cover for the S21 andS21+, a lot of you were asking how you’re going to put a case on this wrap around camera,

Here’s one of the ways by covering the camera bump which will make the case really thick. I’m sure there will be other cases that won’t make the device thick.

We also now have confirmation that all the European S21 variants will not have headphones and charger inside the box.

They will just ship the phone in the box along with the USC C cable which sucks, to be honest. But what can you do?

Finally, the Exynos team has uploaded a teaser video to the Exynos 2100 saying Exynos is back revealing that they will officially launch the Exynos 2100 on January the 12th

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