Mini Sewing Machine Not Stitching! Troubleshooting Tips

Mini Sewing Machine Not Stitching:-Hi, Rishabh here from in this article I’m going through some troubleshooting ideas for if your mini sewing machine is not stitching okay. so I got this mini sewing machine from Aldi and I got this mini sewing machine from Amazon.

Now the cost difference between the two was about ten dollars this one being the cheaper one as soon as I got this one out of the box I had nothing but problems with it and this one has seemed to be pretty good I haven’t had any problems with it okay so I’m going to use this video for some troubleshooting ideas for you.

Mini Sewing Machine Not Stitching Problem

All right, the first thing you need to check is if the top thread here is goingover the bottom bobbin thread, okay and I’ll show you what I mean by that okay so I’m just going to take this bobbin cover off and I’ll get the camera a little bit closer so you can see exactly what I mean.

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So all you need to do to test the top thread is just hold the thread tails with one hand and then with the other hand turn that handwheel towards you and as you’re doing that you should see that top thread.

Mini Sewing Machine Not Stitching Problem
Mini Sewing Machine Not Stitching Problem

Can see that there coming over. See that top thread starting to come over the bobbin thread, okay and this is one of the major problems with this machine this when this thread is going over this bobbin cover here it’s actually dislodging it and pulling it out of place so if it happens to you when you’re sewing your thread is either going to break or the stitch isn’t going to be picked up.

Okay so I’ve tried a couple of times so it’s a lot smoother than but it wasn’t great but if your thread is going over that bobbin then that is good news okay I’ve got some other things that you can try.

If your thread is not going over that bottom bobbin then you quite possibly have a timing issue and I’m going to cover timing in part two so have a look in the description box to see if that video has been made yet okay before we move on though I just want to show you the quality difference with these machines so you can see the inside of this machine is quite cheap whereas if you compare it to this machine.

Okay, this is the one I got from amazon if I do the same thing it feels a lot smoother, the thread goes over that bottom bobbin beautifully okay and you can just see the difference in the quality that bobbin case hardly moves at all when the thread goes over the top of it.

So here’s some suggestions of some things to try okay first of all youcould try sewing with the machine on the slower speed so at the moment it is onthe high speed so I can press that in slow the Machine and bit slow the Machine down a bit.

So it’s on the low speed okay if that doesn’t work try rethreading the sewing machine again and I show you exactly how to do that in my how to operate a mini sewing machine post because little things like not having the thread in the tension discs properly can affect the way the machine sews or not having the thread going from the left through to the right in the needle can affect how the sewing machine size also the direction of the bobbin if you’ve placed the bobbin in the wrong way then that will affect the machine.

Okay, these machines have a low margin for error so you want to make sure that you’ve done all these things correctly okay and I’ve got a few tips for using the machine successfully in that video as well so check it out now another thing you can try is to change the needle in the machine.

Your machine should come with a spare one so you can pop that in and see and see if it makes a difference if you need to buy some more then the machine comes with 90/14 sized needles but depending on the fabric that you use you might need an 80/12 size so give that a go see if it makes a difference with the results, okay the other thing you can try is to try a different quality thread.

So I onlyrealized this when my daughter was using the machine and I had this pinkthread which is one of my good quality threads in the machine and she’d used upall the thread on this little bobbin and I said well how about we just put thewhite one in because it was there it was ready as soon as we put the white one inwe started having problems.

So I’m just going to demonstrate to you how a different thread or different fabric can make a difference to you’re sewing results okay so here I have some cheap calico fabric I’ve got the thread in the machine that came with the sewing machine so I’m gonna show you what I get when I sew this. I’ll do a couple of manual stitches first.

Okay so I actually broke the thread in the machine and this is what I got okay so that’s from the cheap thread that came with the machine and a cheaper low-quality fabric just let me thread this machine back up and I’ll try a different fabric.

So I’ve re-threaded the needle and I’ve got a better quality cotton quilting cotton here all right so I had to push my bobbin back into place and I’ve also broken my thread with this one as well.

I got a slightly better sewing result with the better quality fabric so now I’m going to change my top thread and I’m not going to do anything else to the machine. okay, so here we go I’ve just changed the top thread that’s all I’ve done with this machine I’m going to try using this lower quality fabric first, and then I’m going to try my better quality fabric and see what kind of results I get all right so seriously all I did was changed my top thread and that’s the difference in the results.

I got a skipped stitch or two here but other than that’s the result I got okay all I did was change the top thread and the same better quality thread better quality fabric and hopefully, you can see that but that’s the result that I got from the different thread and it didn’t actually skip any stitches if anything the tension might be a little bit tight but the good result so that just shows a different thread and the quality of your thread and the quality of your fabric can make a difference okay and reduce the frustration that you might be having with this machine.

Now if your stitchesare looking okay but they’re not quite right thentension might be the issue so if you notice that this is my this is the frontand this is the back if you notice that you’re getting loops of the top threadcoming out on the underside of your stitching then your tension may be tooloose so you can.

I don’t know if you can see that but the loops from the pink thread are there okay check to see that your thread is going through in between the two tension disks or if it is then turn your tension dial to the right.

So righty tightly to tighten it up or lefty loosey to loosen it up okay now if your tension is too tight then you may start to see the bottom thread coming up from the underside so you can see just little specks of black because the tension is too tight and it is the fabric is puckering a bit as well.

Okay so give these steps a try see if it helps get your sewing machine stitching if it doesn’t and there’s a timing issue.

Thanks, if you found it useful leave a comment down below there’s anything else you need to know or need help with and I’ll see you next time bye!

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