Is VALORANT Mobile Going to Release? New Battle Royale Game 2020

VALORANT Mobile: New Battle Royale Game 2020

Are you bored of Call of Duty Mobile and free Fire is Among Us too casual for your taste if you’re like us if you’re a hardcore gamer and you’relooking for the next mobile game that could turn into an export then you my friend have come to the right article today? We’re gonna be looking at whether Valorant is actually coming to a mobile device and whether it can actually become as big as PUBG Mobile or not.

This is AFK Gaming and you’re watching ‘On Our Radar’ Let’s jump right into what is the latest on Valorant and mobile Valorant recently had a patch 1.08 come out on 15 September now this was lighter than the previous ones but it certainly carried something hidden in it.

A YouTuber that goes by the name Skillcapped found a new line of code that revealed an action by tapping the right-hand side of the screen now this is something that would require touchscreen devices leading to the assumption that Riot is indeed working on a mobile version for the game but before we start celebrating we should remember that this is a data mine string of code and it shouldn’t be taken completely seriously.

Is VALORANT Mobile Going to Release?

After all, this isn’t the first time that the discussion about Valorant and mobile has come up earlier in April a Reddit user was using his laptop to run the game which was on tablet mode to their surprise the game actually worked on the tablet mode and the mobile controls were usable other users have also found icons related to the mobile version inside the game files.

Later in April, Valorant’s game director Joe Ziegler confirmed that the team had been exploring the potential options for the game on platforms other than PC and this was after another data mining experiment on the game which revealed assets for the mobile versions what does this mean for other mobile games well. Whether it will release with the battle royal mode to compete against Free Fire, Call of Duty, PUBG Mobile, etc remains to be seen.

Nevertheless, we believe that Valorant’s gameplay is something that has been in small indie games on mobile how Counter-Strike’s gunplay and mobile style abilities will play out on mobile devices together will be interesting to see if PUBG Mobile was revolutionary for its time Valorant could be the new game-changer in town one simple way to think about it is to see its esports potential.

now before validate even came to PCs some pros announced that they would be making a career in it the credit goes to the gameplay that showcased riot’s incredible record of maintaining their esports circuit around League of Legends Riot is perhaps the best example of how a publisher should treat and run its game’s esports side in the near future if valorent is indeed announced for mobile it won’t be surprising to see many.

PUBG Mobile Free Fire and Call of Duty Mobilepros shifting to it to summarize it does seem to us thatValorant will indeed come out on mobile while how much chaos it causes in the mobile gaming market remains to be seen we think that Riot’s esports track record might just switch things up bigtime Will you give it a shot if it actually releases let us know in the comments below. for now, our duty is over we’re gonna go AFK come back next time to see what else is on Our Radar you.

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