How to Unlock iCloud Locked iPad without Apple ID or Passcode (iOS 14 Supported)

How to Unlock iCloud Locked iPad without Apple ID or Passcode:-When you got an iPad from a friend or purchased it second-hand, there’s a chance that it’s tied to an iCloud account which you don’t know the credentials, then you’ll run into this iCloud Lock when setting it up.

How to Unlock iCloud Locked iPad without Apple ID or Passcode?

It’s asking for the Apple ID and password. In this post, we are going to walk you through how to unlock an iPad like this without using any credentials. Let’s jump in! If the iPad also has a passcode that you forgot, here is how to unlock it using iTunes.

If you have done this already, skip ahead to the second part where we’ll be addressing the iCloud Lock issue. So once open it, plug your iPad into the computer, then put it into recovery mode.

For an iPad with a home catch is press and hold the top and home catch at the same time till the associate with PC symbol comes up, Once identified, iTunes ought to recommend a refresh or reestablish.

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How to Unlock iCloud Locked iPad without Apple ID or Passcode (iOS 14 Supported)
How to Unlock iCloud Locked iPad without Apple ID or Passcode

We are going with reestablishing. at that point hit reestablish and update to affirm, and consent to the terms and conditions, you’ll get the firmware first, at that point your iPad will experience the reestablish cycle, coincidentally, if iTunes is giving you errors, 4ukey will be a nice alternative, which could help you achieve the same goal in a more intuitive way, so once the reestablish has finished,

you’ll see the Hello screen, while iTunes demonstrating the Activation Lock requesting the Apple ID once more, how about we return to the iPad and set it up, after connecting to a network iPad will show you the same iCloud lock as iTunes, if you have enabled two-step verification, you’ll see the unlock with passcode option right here, if you still remember it, then you are lucky enough to activate your iPad simply with the passcode, just like this: but if you forgot it not to worry here is how to bypass this with a tool called 4MeKey.

You’ll find the link in the description below if you’d like to download it, So once installed, attach your iPad to the computer, then click on start and agree to the disclaimer. 4MeKey will download the jailbreak tool first if you haven’t done it yet, now insert an empty USB thumb drive into the computer, once recognized, hit begin to make the escape drive, when done you’ll see a guide telling you bit by bit the best way to finish the escape, which is genuinely basic.

So let’s now restart the computer, when it boots up hit the F12 key to enter the Boot Options, now select the USB storage device press to enter to confirm. Seconds later we’ll see the Checkra1n jailbreak wizard, make sure your iPad is still connected at this point, then you should see the device information right here, go ahead and hit start, the device will be put in Recovery Mode first, hit next to confirm.

once we are in Recovery Mode, click start then quickly follow the instructions to enter DFU mode before the countdown is over.

For an iPad with the home button is press and hold both the power and home button for 4 seconds, then release the power button while continue holding the home button for another 10 seconds, in DFU mode, the jailbreak process will be reflected on the device, Well done, now we are going to restart the computer, and then launch 4MeKey to start over, like before we click on each of the blue buttons, this time we should see the device information screen, below it is the Start Remove button, By clicking on it, 4MeKey will do the trick for you in seconds.

All around done now it says the iCloud Activation Lock has been eliminated effectively. Let’s check it out! Now here goes the Data and Privacy option, which means the Activation Lock is no longer ahead of our way, let’s move on, keep in mind that when we see this Apple ID sign-in options simply skip it, and then head to the Home screen, then in settings, we should notice the Apple account has been signed out. That’s it! Thanks for watching.

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