How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC:-Hey, guys welcome to my website If you have lots of photos on your iPhone and you want to send them to your PC, what would you do? Today we’re gonna show you four easy ways to transfer your photos from iPhone to PC. Now let’s jump in.

For Windows 10 users, you can easily use the Photos application on your PC to transfer. First, plug your iPhone into your computer with a USB cable. If your iPhone pops up a window asking to allow the computer to access the iPhone, please tap allow.

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC

Then launch the photos program using the windows start menu or search bar. Here, click the import button in the upper right corner of the Photos app. Select from a USB device. Then select the photos you want to import, you can also tap import settings to change how to group them or the location you want to save.

Click done once you confirm. Then click the import button. Whenever they’re imported, you can see the photographs in the assortments menu of the photographs application. Some of you may encounter bugs with this windows photos app. No worries, here’s an alternative you can try. Also, plug your iPhone in and tap allow if needed.

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On your Windows computer, navigate to this PC. You can see your iPhone listed under Devices and Drives. Right-click on your iPhone and in the setting menu select import pictures and recordings. The more options link at the bottom offers options to change where the files are saved, for most users the default Pictures folder is fine. Snap straightaway and the PC will filter your iPhone for pictures and recordings.

Select the items you wish to import. Click import when you’re ready to transfer images. Once done, you can view them in the folder. But if you have lots of photos and videos on your iPhone. It may take a long time for your PC to scan all the data and respond if you use these two ways we just mentioned.

Then you can consider trying a third-party tool to transfer your photos. iCarefone, which can transfer more than 100gigabytes within 20 minutes to your iPhone. First, free download the software to your computer, you can also find the download link in the description below.

Then connect your iPhone to your PC. Then click manage. You can find all your photos here, then select the photos you want, and click import. Choose the location you want to save them. Then click OK. If your photo data is big, just be patient and waiting for the process to complete.

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC
How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC

It won’t take long. Also, you can access to download your iPhone photo to your PC, which is lightning cable-free. But make sure you have turned on the iCloud photo button on your iPhone, which can automatically upload your phone photos to iCloud. Then go to Enter your Apple ID and password. Once logged in.

Click the photos icon, and yes, here you can find your iPhone photos, just select the photos you want to download. What’s more, click the download button in the upper-right corner. And the photo will be downloaded to your PC. Very easy.

Okay, so this is the tutorial about how to transfer your photos from your iPhone to your PC. If you have any problems when transferring, leave your comment below, and hopefully, we can help you.

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