How to Operate a Mini Sewing Machine – {Tutorial}

How to Operate a Mini Sewing Machine?-Hi! Welcome to my site In this video today I’ll be showing you how to operate this mini sewing machine.

Now when you first get the sewing machine out of the box it’ll look a little something like this it’ll have a piece of fabric already in it and it will already be threaded what I’m going to show you today is how to thread the machine how to wind the bobbin and how to get it all set up we’re ready to see if some thread does run out or if some thread comes out of the needle you know exactly.

What to do okay so what I’m going to do is I’m going to remove this fabric so the presser foot is down at the moment so I’m going to lift the presser foot there’s a little lever at the back here I’m going to lift that up and that will bring your presser foot up I’m going to take that fabric out and I’m going to unthread the whole machine.

How to Use Mini Sewing Machine?

Now I’m going to plug the machine in so we have some power so you can either insert your batteries at this stage or your power plug and you’ll also need your foot pedal plugged in unless you want to use the on/off button there so this is all plugged in and ready to go next you’ll need your thread and your empty bobbin so to wind the bobbin.

I’m going to pull this spool pin-up here to put my thread onto like so and then I need to release this bobbin winding pin so it’s on the handwheel here looks like a little button so I’m going to press it inwards and then turn my finger towards me and it should pop that little bobbin pinout and to put it back in you just push it in and turn it away from you okay and then.

I’m going to put the end of this thread through one of the holes and you can wind it on a bit if you like to get it started and firmly push it on as you don’t want it falling off while you’re winding okay so I’m going to put my foot on the presser foot on the foot pedal sorry and I’m going to hold this thread out to provide the tension and I’ll need to also move it from side to side okay so you get the idea

To take it off pull it off gently okay and you can use your little thread cutter on the side of the sewing machine there if you like and then don’t forget to push your pin back, in turn, it pushes it back in and turn it away from you to lock it in there okay and you might just need to snip that little bit of excess thread off.

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Now I’m going to thread the top part of the machine so you can actually if you won’t just use this thread from the thread spool and thread it from here but I’ll show you how to use this little thread holder here. so this one has a pin we’re going to pull that pinout and it has a spring that provides the tension so don’t lose that spring so I’m going to grab that pin I’m going to put my new bobbin spool of thread onto that pin and push it into that hole.

Now I’ve tested it with the thread coming off this way and with the thread coming off underneath and it’s pretty much the same so I don think that matters too much.

All alright, we’re going to thread the machine now so this is your first thread guide so you need to pass it through from right to left just going to pull it so I have a bit of thread to work with alright next the thread needs to go into the tension disks which are right here.

So pull it down so it’s sitting nicely in between those tension disks. the next thread guide is right here you need to thread it through from right to left if you can get your fingers in there. just make sure don’t get caught on anything. okay, your next thread guide is on the take-up lever up here so you need to pass it through from right to left okay and the next thread guide is right here now there is a light on here as well.

l I don’t find it terribly useful but turn it on might help. I’m going to pass it through the next red guide right here from top to bottom okay now the next thread guide is right in here on the top of the needle bar.

Pass it through from top to bottom again. okay and then the last part of threading the top of the sewing machine is putting the thread through the needle so I’m going to make sure the needle is in the highest position so I’m just going to turn the handwheel towards me until that needle is in its highest position.

How to Operate a Mini Sewing Machine
How to Operate a Mini Sewing Machine

So that’s about there and you need to thread the needle going from left to right now I struggle with that so I’m going to use this needle threader so I’m going to put the needle threader in from the right. pull my thread through the threader and then pull it through there. well, let me try that again okay there we go so I’m going to pull that thread all the way through.

Next, I’m going to load in the bobbin for the bottom thread so to do this you need to have your bobbin your thread running in a clockwise direction so when you hold your bobbin up with your thread it should almost look like the letter q so they’ll help you remember.

So we’re gonna drop the bobbin into that little spot on the bobbin holder down there and you can just rest your thread in that little thread guide there I don think it’s essential but it’s there and then.

I’m going to turn the handwheel towards me and this will take the thread down and over that bobbin in the bottom there and then once the needle comes back up you can gently pull the thread towards you and that should bring the bobbin thread up as well and then you can carefully just pull it output your threads under the presser foot there and towards the back and your machine is ready to sew just replace that bobbin cover there.

There we go okay so before you start sewing with your mini sewing machine I’m going to sew a bit of fabric and share a few tips that I’ve worked out that’ll help with using the sewing machine.

So I’ve got my fabric ready my machine is all threaded up what I recommend you do is put your fabric under the presser foot lower your presser foot down and before you put your foot on the foot pedal turn the hand wheel towards you a couple of times just to put that needle up and down and put a couple of stitches into the fabric and that’ll hold your thread in because I found if I didn’t do that the machine will want to pull the thread out and it would break and I’d have to rethread the machine okay so that should be good to go.

So I’m gonna actually do a couple of stitches and then I’m actually going to swivel this fabric because this machine doesn’t have a reverse function and you want to secure your threads I’m going to put the needle into the down position so it’s in the fabric going to lift my presser foot swivel my fabric and you do this right at the very end or right at the beginning when you start with a presser foot down do a few stitches going in the other direction. put my needle down and then.

I can swivel it back and that will hold my stitching in nice and secure otherwise it’ll come undone and it won’t be very it won’t last very long alright so now I’m going to sew okay and the same again when you get to the end put your needle in the down position secure your stitching alright and then.

What I recommend you do when you’re done just put your foot on the foot pedal and let the thread come through a bit okay you can either snip it off with your scissors or use this little thread cutter up here okay and I’ve found that that helps with getting some of the thread through otherwise.

If you lift the presser foot and try and pull the thread the machine doesn’t like it and it puts a lot of pressure onto your take-up lever and it just you’re going to break your thread so I’ve done it a few times.

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