How to Fix Laptop Fan Making Noise? 3 Very Easy Steps

How to Fix Laptop Fan Making Noise?:-Guys if you are using a laptop and its fan is making a lot of noise The speed of the fan is very high or it is making various kinds of songs then keep reading this article. I will be giving you 3 solutions step by step by using which your laptop’s fan that is making sound can be fixed

How to Fix Laptop Fan Making Noise?

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How to Fix Laptop Fan Making Noise?
How to Fix Laptop Fan Making Noise?

Step 1:-

So the first step is Let me show you where you can see my screen so what we will do is, in your laptop, you might find the option of your CPU’s power usage you can put a limit there that is if we use only 50 % then what will happen is our CPU will be used less and our fan won’t rotate much When the CPU gets hot the fan moves to reduce the heat SO what we will do is use the CPU less and your fan will not be used much By this the various noise from your fan will stop coming.

So here you can see simply go to setting there you can see Power option you can search for it, power and sleep settings.

You can right-click here and go to control panel and look for the same Let me show you, go to control panel and in there, go to view by and make it large Now you can see, power option Go there If you are using windows 10 then you need to go to additional power option, in power and sleep Here click on and now it will ask for two modes Choose customization Here you see balance mode Select that and in there Click on change plan There you can see, change advance plan setting There you can see a window pop up Where you find this now go down and look for processor power management.

Click the plus button Now for maximum processors first open minimum and there you can see 5% you have to keep that For battery and plugin and for system cooling, keep it on battery, and in the plugin, it should be active.

Now for the maximum processor, you need to remember that as you can see for me it is 50 each that means when it is on charging and when it is not plugged in both the times the processor should be at a maximum of 50% That is only 50% will be used With this you CPU as I have explained earlier Your computer’s processor will be less heated if it’s used at 50 So just change it and make it 50 and in plugin making it 50 as well.

Click on apply and then Ok After this you can notice that your fan speed has been reduced and everything will be normal This is the first thing that you can do.

Step 2:-

For the second thing what you have to do is, In your laptop, you have to open it up How to do that? I have recently repaired this so I know this Here you can see, I had opened my laptop All the bolts and stuff can be taken out You have to open it and the dirt inside the laptop which creates an issue for CPU, we have to remove them What happens is if there is even a little amount of dirt,

then the fan rotates more to get rid of it IF there is dirt then the heat is not released very well and because of that the laptop gets hotter and the heat inside it will not be released So the internal heat gets trapped.

So what you have to do is open your laptop and all the dirt you see, take a brush or a cloth and clean it up Especially the dirt near the fan clean all of that Just by doing this you can see a lot of benefits and even the dirt on the body of the laptop when you open it up clean that off as well. Just make sure that you don’t miss any wires in them So this was the second step, that you have to do.

Step 3:-

Now you have to buy one thing that costs around 300-400 rs Its thermal paste, if your processor is old then it losses it’s thermal paste The thermal paste actually help in Well thermal paste looks like regular toothpaste, like Colgate With that the heat of the processor is thrown out by the help of the fan as it increases the speed With this the heat will be out faster This is the work of thermal paste It applied like this here and its in between these two things So the heat from here can be easily transferred to here, and the and the CPU won’t take much time to cool down.


So try the thermal paste as well, or just get it done in some shop These are the three steps, which if you can do then if you can not put thermal paste even then it should work So these should solve your problem If it does not, then do use the thermal paste. The link is in the description and if you want to buy it then just purchase it and put it in the laptop’s processor and this will benefit you a lot. So these three things are what you have to do, the cleaning of dirt, and thermal paste.

Do this and your computer or laptop’s fan which was making noises or was at high speed all that will be fixed, if your Laptop Fan Making Noise is fixed than please let me know in comment section below this article.

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