How to Factory Reset iPad without Passcode

How to Factory Reset iPad without Passcode:-Hey Friends Welcome to this website. you’ll have met this example before. You wanted to factory reset your iPhone but didn’t know the lock screen passcode. So the way to factory reset it? If you’ve got a computer, you’ll use iTunes to form it.

How to Factory Reset iPad without Passcode

First, connect your iPad to your computer. Then launch iTunes. But it seems that iTunes doesn’t recognize your iPad. and that we can see iPad shows that, unlock the iPad to use accessories. But unfortunately, you didn’t know the passcode. No worries, just put your iPad into recovery mode then it’ll be detected. Just press the house button and therefore the power button at an equivalent time, until hook up with iTunes or computer sign appears.

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Now you’ll find iTunes shows that iPad is required to be updated or restored. As you would like to factory reset the iPad and you didn’t know the passcode, here we just prefer to restore. It’ll remove all the info on your iPad. and click on restore and update.

Then iTunes will start to revive the iPad. If you’ve got problems using iTunes, 4uKey is going to be the choice for you to revive the iPad. Just click the unlock lock screen passcode button, and following the steps in 4uKey, the iPad is going to be restored successfully.

So return to iTunes. When the method is completed, we will see that iPad has been factory reset. But it’s going to probably show on iTunes that the iPad is linked to an activation lock. as long as you enter the Apple ID and password are you able to found out the iPad? Let’s attend to inspect the iPad. once we tap found out manually, we will also see the activation lock on the screen.

If you recognize the previous Apple ID and password, then things are going to be easy. But what if not? And in fact, you’re unable to use the passcode to unlock as you didn’t know either. there’s how you’ll have an interest in, bypass the activation lock with 4MeKey. you’ll check the link within the description below if you’d wish to download it. So once installed, connect your iPad to the pc.

At that point continue with every one of the blue catches till you arrive. It’s suggesting a jailbreak, there may be a link to the tutorial. A step-by-step guide on the way to jailbreak iOS devices on windows. Let’s provides it an attempt. First, download the 2 jailbreak tools. Once done, open Rufus. At that point embed a void USB thumb crash into your PC. Now return to Rufus and choose the Checkn1x ISO file.

Now we will start creating the bootable drive. confirm to settle on the Write in DD image mode. Then hit ok for every pop-up. Once done, restart the pc. When it boots, up hit the F12 key to enter the boot options. Now select the USB memory device, press enter to verify.

Seconds later, we’ll see the Checkn1 jailbreak wizard. confirm your iPad remains connected at now. Then you ought to see the device information right here. plow ahead and hit start. The device is going to be put in recovery mode first, hit next to verify.

Once we are in recovery mode, click start. Then quickly follow the instructions to enter DFU mode before the countdown is over. For an iPad with home, a button is press and hold both the facility and residential button for four seconds. Then release the facility button while continue holding the house button for an additional 10 seconds.

Then release the facility button while continue holding the house button for an additional 10 seconds. In DFU mode, the jailbreak process is going to be reflected on the device. Well done, now we are getting to restart the pc. then launch 4MeKey to start out over.

How to Factory Reset iPad without Passcode
How to Factory Reset iPad without Passcode

Like before we click on every one of the blue catches. At this point we should always see the device information screen, below it’s the beginning remove button. By clicking thereon, 4MeKey will do the trick for you in seconds.

All around done, presently it says theiCloud activation lock has been removed successfully. Let’s check it out. Okay, the activation lock is not any longer before our way. Let’s advance. once we attend the Apple ID sign-in option, confirm to skip it. Then in settings, we should always notice the Apple account has been signed out. That’s it. Now you’ll check in together with your own Apple ID on your iPad. Thanks for Visiting!

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