How to Backup and Restore iPhone using iTunes 2021?

Hello, my dear friends today in this article I am going to tell you about the most asked question of ios (iPhone) Users is How to Backup and Restore an iPhone using iTunes.

How to Backup and Restore iPhone using iTunes?
How to Backup and Restore iPhone using iTunes?

How to Backup and Restore iPhone using iTunes?

So firstly, let’s learn how to properly back up the iPhone to iTunes. To launch iTunes on your computer.

How to Backup iPhone using iTunes

  • Now, connect your iPhone to your computer using a lightning connector. Now go back to iTunes and tap on this little iPhone icon in the top left-hand corner.
  • Now under the SUMMARY section, you should see the Backup options. If you can’t see this screen, just check your iPhone. There could be a pop-up asking you to Trust the Computer. You want to hit Trust and then enter iPhone lock-screen passcode.
  • Now you should definitely see this screen. Now here, since we want to use iTunes for backing up and restoring iPhone, you need to make sure that the backup option is set to THIS COMPUTER.
choose a backup to restore
Choose a backup to restore
  • Now you can go ahead and hit the “BACK UP NOW” button to start backing up your iPhone. But, this backup would be unencrypted and unsecured which is not recommended. You should encrypt your iPhone backup because encrypted backup includes your saved passwords, health data, website history, and Wi-Fi settings. And you don’t even need to manually login to individual apps after restoring your iPhone if you have this encrypted backup. So, to ensure you backup everything, you should encrypt your backup. So now, go ahead and select this checkbox, Encrypt Local Backup.

Restore iPhone using iTunes

  • Now, you want to create a new password to encrypt your iPhone backup. And I want you to write it down and keep it somewhere safe because there is no way to restore your data from this backup if you don’t have this password. So, literally right it down and keep it safe.
  • Now go ahead and hit Set Password. As soon as you hit that option, iTunes should start backing up your iPhone. Wait until it completes. And there you go! Your iPhone is backed up to your computer successfully! Now, if you want to see your backup, you can go to Edit. Preferences. And under the Devices section, you should see your iPhone backup along with the date and time. You can also go to this folder path on your computer to see your iPhone backup file.
  • Now, there could be two cases where you want to restore data on your iPhone. Either you have an old iPhone and you want to restore your data from the backup to this old iPhone. OR you bought a new iPhone and you want to transfer your iPhone data from the old iPhone to the new iPhone. We gonna see both cases.
  • Now let’s take the first case where you already have an old iPhone and you want to restore data on it. So firstly, you must turn off Find My iPhone option on your iPhone. So, go to Settings on your iPhone. Tap on your Name. Scroll down. Look for Find My. Select Find My iPhone. And Turn this toggle OFF. Enter Apple ID password. And hit Turn OFF. Done!
  • Now go back to iTunes again. And hit this RESTORE BACKUP button. Here, you can choose the latest backup from the list. You can have multiple backups, but you should choose the latest one. Then hit this RESTORE button. This will ask for your Encryption Passcode. Enter the passcode and hit OK. That’s all! And that’s how easily you can restore data on your iPhone from the backup.
  • Now let’s look at the second case where you bought a new iPhone and you want to transfer data from the old iPhone to this new iPhone. So what you need to do is, press the HomeButton or swipe up to start setting up the iPhone.
  • Now select your preferred language. I’m gonna select ENGLISH. Now you want to select your Country or Region from the list. I’ll select India.
  • Now, wait for a few seconds. And then it’ll show you this screen. Basically, it tells you that you can copy your old iPhone data to this new iPhone just by bringing your old iPhone near this new iPhone. But, for the purpose of this tutorial, I’m gonna set up the iPhone manually. So, let’s select this, Set Up Manually.
  • Now here again it is asking you to choose your preferred language and keyboard language. I’m gonna simply hit this Continue option.
  • Now choose the wifi network of your house. Enter the wifi passcode. And then hit the Join button on the top righthand corner.
  • Now it’s activating your iPhone, so you want to wait for a few more seconds, And then on this screen, you want to hit this Continue button.
  • Now, it is asking you to set up your Touch ID or Face ID, depending on your iPhone model. If you want, you can select Continue and set it up right away, but I’m gonna save time and set it up later. I’ll select Don’t Use.
  • Now it is asking you to create a lock screen passcode for your new iPhone. So you want to create a strong passcode. I’m just putting some dummy passcode for the purpose of this tutorial.
  • Now, this is the screen which is very important. You can choose any option from the list depending on how you want to set up your iPhone. I’m gonna select Restore from Mac or PC.

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  • Now, it is asking you to connect your iPhone to your PC and use iTunes. So, let’s connect the iPhone to the computer using a lightning connector.
  • Now, go back to your computer and launch iTunes.
  • Now after a few seconds, your iTunes should show this window. Here, you can set up your iPhone as new, which will not restore any data. But since we want to restore backup data, you want to select this option Restore from this backup.
  • Now go ahead and tap on this Backup list and select the most recent backup. And then hit Continue.
  • Now enter your Encryption Passcode and hit OK.
  • Now, this should start transferring data from your old iPhone to your new iPhone. You want to wait until it is completed. Meanwhile, you should see a message on your iPhone saying Restore in Progress. Just keep your iPhone connected to iTunes and wifi. Let the process be completed. And there you go. After a few minutes, you should see your phone rebooting. So allow it to reboot and when you see this message, simply press the Home button and enter your iPhone lock screen passcode.
  • Now the iPhone is completing the process. Meanwhile, you should see some errors on your computer on iTunes. You can ignore all the errors and allow your iPhone to restore the data.
  • Now finally after few minutes, you want to enter the iPhone Lock Screen Passcode and it’s gonna say Restore Completed. But wait, still, there are few things you want to do. So go ahead and hit this Continue button.
  • Now enter your Apple ID passcode. And hit Next.
  • Now, if you have 2-factor authentication enabled, it’s gonna ask you to enter the code. Now it’s gonna proceed and update your iCloud settings. Wait for it to complete. Now it is asking you to disable or enable location services. I’m gonna enable it.
  • Now, it is asking if you want to share AppAnalytics with App developers. I’m gonna select Don’t Share. And there you go! The iPhone setup is done. Tap on Get Started. And you should see your old iPhone data is copied to your new iPhone. But wait, it is still downloading apps from the App Store. So it needs wifi connection. And I’d suggest, don’t even touch this iPhone until the process is completed. Because you might lose your data if you touch any of the apps which are being downloaded. So be careful.
  • Now after a few minutes, you should see that all the apps are downloaded and all your data from your old iPhone is transferred to new your iPhone.

We hope this article will help you to Backup and Restore your iPhone using iTunes.

And that’s how you can backup and restore your iPhone using iTunes. If you have any specific questions, put them down in the comments section below or contact us from here:-Contact Us

And I’d be happy to help you to give you the solution. Thanks, See you in the next one!

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