Mini Sewing Machine Not Catching Bobbin Thread? | How to Fix the Timing in your mini sewing machine?

How to Fix the Timing in your mini sewing machine:-Hi, Rishabh here from today in this article I will be showing you How to Fix the Timing in your mini sewing machine if it is not stitching at all now if you find that you are getting some stitches occasionally then check out part 1 of this series and you might get some other tips that you can try before you get to the point of taking the machine apart.

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How to Fix the Timing in your mini sewing machine

Okay so I’ll link to that in just in the description down below for you ok so what you will need to do first we are actually going to take this machine apart open it up so you need a Phillips-head screwdriver and you’ll probably need a piece of paper towel or a cloth just because it is a bit greasy inside unplug your machine and take all the threads out so to open up this little mini sewing machine just going to turn it around you actually have one two three four five six screws to remove.

Okay so I’ve removed the six screws now you need to take off the battery cover next and then if you have a sticker on there as well I just need to peel the sticker off and then I’m just going to push this take-up lever down a bit you should be able to very carefully remove the front cover bit like.

So now before we actually look at the bobbin bit down here if you come across the problem where your needle is not going up and down anymore then the problem might actually be up here next to the take-up lever so I found that this little notch in here sometimes it can slip out from the little black holder here so if you find that that happens for you.

I’ll just try and see sometimes when it’s at that point and I’ll just take it out to see you can see what I mean okay so this little white notch here has come out so that effectively stops the needle from going up and down so what you’d need to do for that if that happens to you is just try and get that little notchback into that groove there all right now to get back to our timing what you’ll need to do is remove this bobbin case so here this is a bit that holds your little bobbin just very carefully remove that.

I just move that little gray bit over to the side a bit to maneuver it out okay so leave that to the side okay now you can either remove this needle plate or you can leave it in place it just depends if it gets in your way while you’re doing this, okay so what we have is we have our hook race so you can see when the needle is going up and down.

I’ll see if I can put that in a position where you can see it best when the needle is going up and down that hook race spins around and this hook bit here that’s the bit that actually catches the thread and takes it over that bottom bobbin okay now my little needle plate getting in the way so I’m going to take mine off so take your needle plate off just carefully just try and lift it out of place there.

Pop that aside as wellokay so I’ll get the camera nice and close so you can see where the needleand the hook on the hook race needs to be to fix that timing up okay so here weare nice and closes.

So what I’m going to do is I’m going to bring the needle down to its lowest position okay so at the moment my hook is probably just a little bit too far in front of the needle because when the needle is starting to go back up that’s when we want the hook on the hook race to come around and catch that thread.

How to Fix the Timing in your mini sewing machine?
How to Fix the Timing in your mini sewing machine?

Okay so it’s probably a slight adjustment but that might be making all the difference with this machine stitching and not stitching okay so what you need to do down here under the hook race there are four-screw so.

I’ve got one two three and number four is in there so I’m going toremove all of those screws okay that paper towel is handybecause there’s some kind of lubrication on these cogs and underneath the bottomof the hook race so if you need it wipe your fingers okay so what we need to dois we need to dislodge these cogs down here so we can maneuver and turn thehook race without making the rest of the machine move so to do that because allthe screws are loosened.

I’m just going to hold this large cog here with one finger and then if I kind of just move this one over can I can turn it without everything else moving okay so it’s a little bit awkward but doable alright so once you’ve got that all worked out what I want you to do is get the needle in its lowest position and just about to move up.

Okay, so what I’m going to do because I think my hook isjust a little bit too fast I’m going to try and move it back just one positionso I’m gonna hold that large cog okay so I think that is where I want myhook to be as my needle starts to go up so to check that I’m just going to placein two of the screws just make sure all the cogs are back inplace and turning.

Okay, all right so before I put all the screws back in and put everything back in place I’m just going to check that the hook race is picking up the thread so all I’m going to do is thread the needle and I’m going to see as I turn it see if that hook picks up that bottom thread.

As I’m turning alright so you can see the hook has picked up the thread and would be taking it over the bobbinalright awesome so once you’ve tested that and the topthread is being picked up then replace all the screws down the bottom and thenI’m going to put the cover back on and replace the back screws as well once the screws are back in you canreplace the bobbin case so remember this is a little groove that you need to havegoing under the needle here make sure it looks like that when you put it back in.

Okay and now would be a good time to replace the needle plate as well so I’ve got the bobbin case in I’ve gotmy needle plate back in so now I can carefully replace the cover just makesure the take-up lever goes into this groove here line everything back up and before you start putting all thescrews just make sure all the notches on the needle plate areunderneath the plastic Ok.

I’ve threaded the Machine up so let’s see how it goes The stitching is not too bad I might need to play around with the tension a bit but other than that it’s back to picking up the stitches again.

If you like this post of How to Fix the Timing in your mini sewing machine then leave a comment down below if you need any more help to remember to check out part 1 of this series to see some other troubleshooting ideas and I hope to see you in the next article ok thanks. Bye!

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