Apple Released iOS 14.3 RC2 (GM2) – What’s New?

Hi, everyone welcome to My website, and today Apple surprisingly released iOS 14.3 release candidate two or RC2. This is available to developers and public beta testers only. And we’ll come out to the public a little bit later. Now, two days ago they released candidate one or RC1.

And that usually is the final version that they released to the public, but they must’ve found something pretty big because they released this version and then release the entire thing again. So you’ll see, it came in at 4.54 gigabytes on my iPhone, 12pro and it was over four gigabytes on the iPhone 12 pro the 12 pro max, the iPad Pro 12.9 from 2020, and also the iPhone 6S plus. So it had to fully re-install the entire again, which is kind of surprising. So they must’ve found something at least in the background.

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Pretty big. Now, along with this Apple also released iPad OS 14.3 RC2, along with Mac iOS, 11.1RC. So release candidates. So they must be preparing all of these to release at the same time. Now let’s go ahead and take a look at the build number and then we’ll talk about what’s new. So we’ll go back home, then go to settings on my 12 pro max, since I didn’t install it on the 12pro. So I could sort of comparing them.

We’ll go to settings then general than about now. You can see the build number is 18[inaudible] we’ve stepped up from 18 [inaudible] with the release candidate.One, two, one more digit 18 C6 six. And this particular build must’ve had some significant fixes in the background, at least since it had to,re-install such a huge update.

Apple Just Rolled iOS 14.3

Now it includes all of the things I mentioned in R1, such as Apple fitness, plus support AirPods, Mac support photos with Apple pro-Rosssupport for the iPhone 12 pro and 12 pro max, as well as privacy updates, TV app clips, air quality in your weather app, Safari updates and more with all of those bug fixes. However, there was one feature I missed because it was specific to the Apple watch. So if you have watch OS 7.2RC or the final version, you’ll have some new options.

The first time you open your app if you have a supportive device and you’re in the correct country. So I’ll go into my photos app. Since I took some screenshots of it. You can’t go back into it once you’ve set it up. But as soon as you open the Apple Watch app, you’ll get cardio fitness levels. So this is something that’s that they’ve added. And this is a series six Apple watch. So we’ll make a difference if you have some of these features or not, but cardio fitness levels can be a strong indicator of your overall physical health and a predictor of your long-term health. So they’re monitoring more and you’ll see it says lower your cardio fitness.

Apple Released iOS 14.3 RC2 (GM2) - What's New?
Apple Released iOS 14.3 RC2 (GM2) – What’s New?

And it gives information such as age, pregnancy, lung conditions, heart conditions talk about more information than the next thing you had to put in some information such as your age and weight and things like that and date of birth. But the next screen shows about cardio fitness levels and it talks about VO two, max. This is something that Apple talked about with watchOS 7 with the series six Apple watch being able to measure that and look at your overall cardio fitness levels.

So it talks about low cardio fitness notifications on the next screen, and you can turn those on or you don’t have to. And then also it says set up complete.Now it shows you your VO two, max mine is quite low and that’s because I don’t really wear this a whole lot. So we’ll go to the next screen where there were some updates to ECG as well.

So in the watch, you’ll have those cardio fitness updates along with the ISI ECG app, having new capabilities.So once you hit update, you get to a screen that says it has new capabilities and can now check for atrial fibrillation at higher heart rates, or let you know, your result is inconclusive due to poor recording. So maybe your watch band isn’t that tight. It won’t record properly, and it will let you know that on the next screen, it just showed you can view your recordings. And then it says that it has new capabilities and shows you your rhythm throughout the day. Now you can see, it says it has new capabilities.

I had to go through this a couple of times, and then it talks about poor recordings and more in detail. It also talks about four things to remember such as it cannot detect a heart attack or blood clots or a stroke, and it can not detect heart-related conditions. And you need to speak to your doc, your doctor if you have those problems. So it’s all of those updates.If you have an Apple watch, which I think is really great to see now, other than that, there is nothing different in ourC2.

So that’s in RC one as well, but there’s nothing that you can see physically that you’ll be able to see. Maybe some slight changes to a couple of the graphical assets as far as AirPods max, but that from RC one to two, and no one will really see that unless you actually have the AirPods. Max. Now there were some issues that people mentioned previously with green tin issues on the iPhone 12 displays.

We saw this before with iPhone 11’s last year and they fixed it with an update. But so far it seems like this is not fixed. And I asked on Twitter and jury, as you can see here, he shows the green tint. So it’s a little bit hard to see, but it actually has a green tint in dark situations. You can see the green there, and apparently, it’s not fixed now as far as HDR issues and the screen sort of flickering and that happening again, it’s not an issue that I’ve actually had.

So I asked on Twitter, I haven’t had anybody reply about that yet. So if, you know, please let us know in the comments below. Also, some people were saying, when you go into an app and then you swipe up a home that it could stutter a little bit. It seems like that’s fixed in this update. So it looks like it’s nice and fast. And again on the iPad, I had stuttering before, and it seems like it’s fixed on the iPad as well with that. So it looks like it’s nice and fast. So thankfully they’ve fixed that they must’ve had some bugs before, but hopefully, the green tin issue is fixed in a future update.

I know they’re looking into it and I would expect that with a future update as well. Now, also Apple reported that they were going to update the dual SIM 5g capability with a software update, but we haven’t seen that yet. Or at least they haven’t mentioned it in this update. So whether or not you’ll be able to use5g at the same time with dual SIM cards.

It’s hard to say, but again, if you’re our C2 and you have dual SIM cards, let us know in the comments below because Apple did not mention this specifically. And I don’t use dual SIM cards. Now, as far as the release date, we know for sure that iOS 14.3 is required for Apple fitness plus, which releases on Monday.

And so since that’s the case, and then we’ll have AirPodsmax later that week, it seems like it could come as soon as tomorrow, but Monday may be likely that’s kind of an unlikely day for Apple to release an iOS update, but it seems like that’s what it’s going to be. So if we go into our calendar on Monday, the 14th would be the absolute latest it’s possible.

We’ll see it tomorrow, but that’s very unlikely, but Apple’s doing all sorts of crazy releases right now and getting everything ready so they can have a little bit of vacation by the end of the year and then start again next year. So it’s very possible. We’ll see it as soon as tomorrow, but again, Friday and Mondays are both unlikely. So we could see anything at this point. So hopefully we’ll know what we’ll know by tomorrow and Monday at the very latest we can expect it released to the public.

Now, should you update to iOS 14.3 RC2? Well, if you’re already on RC one or any of the iOS 14.3 betas, absolutely. You should update it. That’s just kind of part of the deal with that. And you’ll have more stability in general. However, if you’re on iOS 14.2, well, I would wait unless you knowhow to remove a beta and go back. Or if you have problems, I really would just wait a few days for the final to come out, and then you’ll be good to go.

And you can just deal with any issues you have currently if it’s really bad, you could try updating, but I normally advise people just wait, unless they know how to restore and that sort of thing, using iTunes or a Mac with finder.

Now, as far as other issues, people were having issues with freezing, locking up some other weird bugs here and there. But in this particular version, it seems like the battery has been great with R1. Now I did mention in previous updates that my iPad pro had some issues with battery and iPad OS 14.3 RC1 seemed to fix most of the issues, but I did have some touch, responsive issues, and some lag. So let’s take a look at the battery though.

There are no other features in this other than what I mentioned before, but I did charge it to a hundred percent last night and we’re at 88% after installing the update and we’re down to 88% and it’s was charged at 10:25 AM this morning.I was only getting about six hours. I think we’re back to about10 hours of screen on time. Like I should be on that particular version. So I’m glad we’re seeing that now battery life overall on our C1 so far has been okay. It’s only been a couple of days though.

So if I go into my 12 Promax go to the last 10 days, you’ll see yesterday, I had three hours and four minutes of screen on time, a one hour and 59 minutes of screen off time. And I used about 40% of my battery or so. And that’s pretty good. That means I’m going to get about10 12 hours of screen on time. Like I should expect with this phone. So it looks like battery life has been fixed. I know people that don’t charge overnight. We’re saying standby time has been fixed as well since updating to this version.

So I think there’s going to be quite a few improvements that people see once this version comes out now, as far as performance, while I notice that itis a little bit smoother, some of the animations seem a little different and on the success, plus since it’s the oldest here, you’ll see it’s smooth scrolling and some of the animation speed seems a little bit different to me. It might be a little bit slower, but it seems smoother. I don’t know if that’s just me, but that’s what it looks like to me. So if I go back out, go back in, go back home, go to music, for example, let it load and then scroll. It seems nice and fast, but really smooth as well. So I’m glad we’re seeing that.

And I’m seeing that on all of these devices that are updated now, as far as the overall geek bench or benchmark scores, they actually went up quite a bit. So on my 12 pro max, I have 1,597 for single-core, 4,146 for multi-core. If we take a look at history, you’ll see the other day with our C1. And I ran this right after updating, you’ll see the other day with our C1. It was 1,586. We bumped up to 1,597. And then we’re about a hundred or so more, maybe a little bit less4,146 for multi-core verse 4,074 last time.

So it looks like it’s doing pretty good overall on the success. Plus it did go down a little bit, but the phone was really hot when I first ran it. So 517 for single-core, 994 for multi-core the phone must be doing quite a bit in the background as it’s a little bit warm. And then finally on the iPad, I ran it as well. Let’s take a look and I scored 1,125 for single-core, 4,675 for multi-core.

If we take a look at the history, it’s kind of in the middle here, you’ll see right here on the 10th verse, the eighth, it’s a little bit higher for single-core and a little bit higher for multi-core. So we’re doing well, generally. This is a guide as to what it should perform. Like it’s not basically saying that it’s going to be super fast, but in general, I’m really excited about this update.

Of course, I’m looking forward to having them release this, and then we’ll see more updates probably next year. So let me know if you found anything new in the update with our C2 in the comments below.

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